Soft Matter & Biology


High-pressure experiments are controlled with fully automated liquid pressure regulators up to 1 GPa (10 kbar). Liquid samples studied at cryogenic temperatures require the use of special sample sticks preventing the freeze of the sample in the high-pressure capillary.

Adsorption & Langmuir troughs

Experiments with adsorption troughs or a Langmuir trough featuring temperature control and surface tension monitoring can be performed on the horizontal reflectometer FIGARO. A programmble logic controller manages both and switch between the adsorption and Langmuir applications automatically.

Relative humidity

Some instruments measure the environmental relative humidity and dew point with a remote thermometer hygrometer with Ethernet interface from Comet. These sensors are remotely access via ModBus-TCP and the addresses of the registers are provided in the manual (pdf - 1.60 Mi).

Precision humidity chambers for neutron diffraction are controlled with a programmble logic controller talking to a LakeShore 336 and other items.