Code Information

We assign an identifier to our equipment to simplify its maintenance and manage its movements inside the Institute. We use a code that tells us quickly about the main specifications. For high-pressure cells, here is the way we define the code:

  • the leading two digits denote the internal ILL order number
  • the first and second letters denote the code of the manufacturer:
    • PG > Pressurized with Gas
    • PL > Pressurized with Liquid
    • PCL > Pressurized and Clampled with Liquid 
  • the third and fourth digits refer to the maximum pressure in kbar, e.g. 70 for 7 kbar.
  • the following letters denote the code of the material in the beam:
    • AL > Aluminium
    • AO > Al2O3 - Alumina or Sapphire
    • CB > Copper - Beryllium
    • SS > Stainless Steel
    • TAV > Titanium - 6 Aluminium - 4 Vanadium (TA6V)
    • TZ > Titanium - Zirconium (null-matrix alloy) 
  • the last digits indicate the maximum sample diameter or thickness in mm.

For the sample sticks, please refer to the Low Temperatures page.