Code Information

We assign an identifier to our equipment in order to simplify its maintenance and manage its movements inside the Institute. We use a code that tells us quickly about the main specifications. For furnaces, here is the way we define the code:

  • the leading two digits denote the internal ILL order number. This number is incremented each time a new device is made available.
  • the first and second letters denote the code of the type as follows:
    • TL: ILL standard top-loading furnace
    • BD: body that can be dismounted
    • MF: mirror furnace
    • SA: with silicon or aluminum windows
  • the third and fourth numbers refer to the maximum temperature in K, e.g. 13 for 1300 K.
  • The following letters denote the code of the material in the beam:
    • A: aluminum
    • AN: aluminum - niobium
    • AV: aluminum - vanadium
    • SA: specific windows for small angle scattering
    • SI: silicon
    • SO: quartz windows (SiO2)
  • The last digits indicate the maximum sample diameter in mm.

For example, the furnace 17TL13AV20 is the 17th furnace introduced at the ILL. It was designed and built by our staff (code TL), can be used up to 1300K (or about 1000°C) and provides Ø20 mm access to the sample.