On site

On arrival

When you arrive at the ILL site entrance, please report to the reception staff. As the site is a restricted area, you will need to produce proof of identification: passport, national identity card or a French residence permit to gain access (a driver's license is no longer accepted). You will then receive your entrance badge which gives you access to all buildings on the campus outside the ZAC (new controlled access zone: zone à accès contrôlé) . Failure to provide proof of identity (those described above) will mean you are denied access on site.

Then you must go the ZAC main entrance (ground floor reception in the new ILL50 building) where your entrance badge will be programmed to enter the ZAC, providing you with an access code. Your dosimeter will also be distributed at this stage. Reception at the ZAC entrance is open Monday to Saturday from 7am until 7pm, but closed on Sundays. It will still be possible to enter the site at night and on Sundays and go to the Guesthouse for example, but not to enter the ZAC. You can request a free tote bag and foldable cup at the ILL50 entrance. Once inside the ZAC, you will then need to go to the reactor entrance to get your badge to access the experimental areas (guide halls ILL7 or ILL22, ILL5). You can download a copy of the site map here (pdf - 256 Ki).

If you have not passed your online health physics training course, you will be asked to do so before being given your radiation film badge and warning beeper. Experimentalists staying longer than 3 months must follow a 1/2 day safety-training course.

Please note that access to the site and to the ZAC is only permitted within the specified dates mentioned in the invitation. It is important to adhere to these dates as access outside the designated period is not allowed.

If you need to store your luggage outside the ZAC temporarily, you can you use room 104, on the first floor of the ILL50 building. The door is not locked. Be aware: your luggage will not be attended to.


When registering you can ask for accommodation to be organised for you: visitors participating in experiments will generally be accommodated in the onsite Guest House, or in the Residence Marie Curie, a couple of tram stops away.

For room modifications, please inform the User Office. When the User Office is closed please also inform your accommodation directly.

You will receive your booking confirmation from user-office(at) You can check the status of your accommodation on the User Club (visible once your booking is confirmed).


If you are not reimbursed by the ILL, the price per room per nightat the Guesthouse is:

  • 60.02 Euro (breakfast and tax inc.) for a single room

The reception desk which is located in the main building is opened from 7am to 6pm during the week and from 7am to 12pm on weekends and bank holidays.

Room badges (cards) are now replacing the standard keys and are programmed according to your registration dates. In case of modification during your stay, please ensure to update your room badge using the card reader located in the guest house reception hall. Room badges are left at the site entrance by the guardians outside the opening hours.

Breakfasts are served every day at the guest house from 7am to 10am weekend included. Only people staying at the Guesthouse can have breakfast (no externals).

Important information:

The building façades are being renovated and a goods lift is being fitted at the Guest House this year.
Despite all necessary mesures being taken to reduce noise, it is highly possible that there will be occasional noise disturbance during the day, particularly in building C.

Please also note that between 18/03 - 24/03/2024, the ILL will only have 25 rooms available at the Guest House, as opposed to the 40 we usually have.

Thank you for your understanding.

Guest House phone number: +33 (0)


The price per room per night at Résidence Marie Curie is:

  • 44.00 Euro (breakfast and tax inc.) for a standard studio (3-6 nights) ; 34.00 Euro (7-27 nights)
  • 54.00 Euro (breakfast and tax inc.) for a premium studio (3-6 nights) ; 47.00 Euro (7-27 nights)
  • 69.00 Euro (breakfast and tax inc.) for a T2 appartement (3-6 nights); 59.00 Euro (7-27 nights)

On Sundays and bank holidays breakfasts are not available at Residence Marie Curie. In case of late arrival, please contact the reception by telephone or mail: (+33) (0) / The staff will give you all the necessary information to get your room key at the reception.


The price per room per night at the Hub Hotel is:

  • 65.00 Euro (EXPRESS breakfast and tax inc.) for a T2 (separate bedroom). Express breakfast includes: one cold drink, one hot drink and a pastrie. Full breakfast can be offered, the extra cost (5 euros) is to be paid directly to the reception by the User.

In case of late arrival, please contact the reception by telephone or mail: (+33) (0) / The staff will give you all the necessary information to get your room key at the reception.

Users receiving reimbursement of expenses: the costs of the room and breakfast will be paid directly by the ILL for the nights covered.
Users not being reimbursed by the ILL, or extra nights: guests will have to pay their stay directly at their accommodation, or for extra costs if sharing a room with reimbursed user.

Due to room shortages at the Guest House, we have partnered with additional hotels around the train station, including Brit Hotel Suisse et Bordeaux and ResidHotel Central Gare.


Food on site


Meals are served in the on-site restaurant.

Cafeteria and take-away counter

A variety of drinks and take-away food is available. You can pay with your badge, payment card or cash.

Opening hours

Information for both the restaurant and cafeteria can be found on the EPN Campus website:

Payment – how it workS

Your site entrance badge is used to pay for meals at the restaurant and take-away counter.

If you are receiving financial assistance from the ILL : reimbursed user

On the basis of the information provided through the User Club, your badge will be pre-loaded with a meal allowance corresponding to the number of meals covered by the ILL during your experiment. The standard flat rate is 10.03 €/meal and you will be allocated two meals per day. Extra credit can be added during your stay at your own expenses at the main cash desk or directly at the tills.

If you are not receiving financial assistance from the ILL: not reimbursed user

You can recover any balance remaining on your badge at the end of your stay:

  • at the cash desk in the restaurant entrance on weekday lunchtimes, or
  • at the till during meal times on evenings and weekends.

If you have already left the site and wish to recover remaining money on your canteen badge, please send your bank details to user-office(at) alongside your name and the dates of your stay. 


Vending machines - 24/7

ILL17 – ground floor
ILL50 - ground floor inside the ZAC
ESRF Cafeteria – by the storage ring to the left of the main ESRF building
Guest House

N.B.: It is prohibited to take food and drink into the experimental areas.


The joint ILL-ESRF library is open between the hours of 08.00 and 17.00. During non-working hours you may access the library with your badge.

Computer & WIFI access

Access to computers (scanners, web cam, printers)

  • ILL19 Room 012 - 3 PCs; 2 MACs. Printing facilities and access to mathematics libraries
  • ILL 4 Lobby - free access to a computer (+ phone for local calls only)
  • ILL 4 Room 127 (near the User Office) - a computer is available to users during office hours; you can also plug in your laptop. Please check first with the User Office, as this room is also used for meetings.

Wifi access

  •  Via EPN Visitors:

The EPN Visitors wifi network is accessible in all the experimental areas, office buildings and Guest House. You can log in with your User Club user login (followed by and your User Club password.

  •  Via Eduroam network:

The ESRF, the ILL and the IBS are eduroam-compliant: if you have a valid eduroam access, you can use this network.

In case of problems, please contact the Help Desk. (Building ILL19, Room 21 – Tel: 7013 – Email:

Lost & found

Lost items are taken to ILL Reception for safekeeping. During office hours please contact ILL Reception directly: ext. 71 11. Outside office hours please contact site security at the entrance to the experimental zone on Level C - ext. 14.

Useful phone numbers


(Medical emergency, Fire, Technical incident,  Problem with physical protection equipment)


Reactor control room


Health Physics & Safety


Reactor entrance


Site entrance



13 00

Local taxi service Taxis Grenoblois

04 76 54 42 54

Authorisation to take photographs at the ILL

Photographing of instruments and infrastructure on the ILL site is subject to the following regulations:

  • Photographs of building exteriors are permitted
  • Photographs of building interiors are permitted unless a logo indicates otherwise.
  • Special authorisation to take photographs in these areas must be obtained from J. Estrade or his deputy.

If the above persons are absent, one of the directors may gave his permission for photographs to be taken.

Ref. Director's note DIR.24 ind.A, 27 August 2021

Time out

The Tourist Office is at 14, rue de la République, Grenoble - Telephone: +33/4 76 42 41 41, fax: +33/4 76 00 18 98, email: welcome(at)
ILL Users may find useful information on the local French websites below:

Cinema - Times can be found here or in Le Petit Bulletin. La Nef and Le Club usually have films in English.

Bike hire - Bikes can be hired from Metro Vélo at Grenoble railstation. Details:

Walks - Grenoble-Alpes Métropole has put tegether around 600 kms of waymarked footpaths in the Grenoble area. They are all accessible by public transport.

Taxis Grenoblois - Reserve online at  or call  +33/4 76 54 42 54