Command Line

The default parser is the generic parser. An other default parser could be configured locally on each instrument.

The different types of parser are:

  • generic
  • tas
  • d20d4

The file "CommandLineType.txt" contains the local default parser. This file is located in the ".nomadserver/Config' directory from the users home one.

Some parsers are sequential, the prompt come back after the command is finished:

  • generic (sequential)
  • tas (sequential)
  • d20d4 (not sequential)

You could change parser type without restarting nomad by using this command:

parser <type>

For getting the list of parsers, you could just type parser<enter>.

After each Nomad reboot, the local default parser is setting.


> parser
    Actual parser : tas
    Available parsers : generic, tas, d20d4

> parser generic
    New parser : generic

The command line is not case sensitive.

The command line parse at first the general commands use by all type of parser (see General commands).

If there isn't a general one, the command line call the specify parser for interpreted this command.