Dr. Judith Peters

Office : 213, ILL 19 2nd Floor  
Phone : +33 4 76 20 75 60
E-mail : peters(at)  


►  Prof. at Univ. Grenoble Alpes (UGA) and researcher at ILL

►  Member of subcommittee of college 8 at ILL
►  Deputy Director of the Doctoral College at UGA in charge of International Relations

Scientific interests

I have a background in theoretical and experimental physics and have been working in the field of biophysics for several years. For this purpose, I apply neutron scattering to biological samples. We study molecular dynamics and structure at the atomic level and try to relate them to the functionality of biological systems.

In particular, I am interested in biological systems living under extreme conditions of temperature, pressure or pH and their adaptation to such an environment. These aspects are also of interest for a better understanding of the development of organisms at the origin of life.

Another project is studying the effect of inhibitors on the dynamics and structure of certain enzymes that are of particular importance for Alzheimer's disease. Inhibitors can slow down the course of the disease, but the reason for these effects is not yet well understood.

A more recent project concerns the study of cold denaturation of proteins, i.e. at low temperatures. This transition is known, but the consequences are not yet well understood, although it could have an important impact on the preservation of nutrients and drugs.


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