Large dynamic range small-angle diffractometer

Svergun programs

The programs

  • ASSA - an interactive modelling program,
  • CRYSOL (html - 34 Ki) - a program to evaluate X-ray solution scattering of biological macromolecules from their atomic coordinates,
  • CRYSON - a version of CRYSOL for neutron scattering,
  • DAMMIN (html - 16.34 Ki) - ab inito shape determination by simulated annealing using a single phase dummy atoms model,
  • GNOM (html - 51 Ki) - an indirect transform program for small-angle scattering data processing, and
  • SASHA - shape determination using spherical harmonics

by Dmitri SvergunEMBL Hamburg, are available at the ILL (30-Sep-1999). You can find the official descriptions here.

The programs have been compiled for 64 bit SGI machines. Therefore, please run them on lass1 or lass2 only for the time being.

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