Large dynamic range small-angle diffractometer

NIH Image files

This document describes how to get and use a data file for/with NIH Image.

For other details, refer to the complete D22 Manual. See also the D22 documentation.

  1. On d22sgi (or another workstation), run w_image that produces "I" files (Irun.Iext, e.g. I10100.I01)
  2. FTP this file to the Macintosh, e.g. with Fetch
  3. Open NIH image
  4. IMPORT (File menu) the I file as TEXT
  5. Manipulate the I file

This procedure is relatively easy with NCSA Telnet, having two windows open, one for treating data on d22sgi, one for FTPing.

Web document produced by Roland May, ILL Grenoble (last update: 07-May-1998).