College 4

Magnetic Excitations

College Secretary: MANGIN-THRO Lucile
Mailing list: col04_l(at)

College 4 deals with magnetic excitations.

The main instruments used for College 4 proposals are:

If you want to come to the ILL and give a seminar, please apply to the college secretary.
Travel and expenses for your stay may be reimbursed. Do not hesitate  if you are coming for an experiment in Grenoble (ILL, ESRF, EMBL, CEA, CNRS, ...).

4-01 Spin dynamics of ordered magnets

  • Spin waves
  • Hybrid excitations, including electromagnons

4-02 Magnetic excitations in superconductors

  • Resonant excitations
  • Anisotropy of spin fluctuations

4-03 Magnetic critical scattering and phase transitions

  • Thermal and quantum phase transitions
  • Line-width and spin relaxation effects
  • Dynamics of field- and pressure-induced phases

4-04 Localised magnetic excitations

  • Crystal field excitations
  • Magnetic impurities and clusters
  • Crystal fields in dilute systems
  • Nuclear magnetism (hyperfine interactions)

4-05 Disordered systems, spin glasses, and spin liquids

  • Paramagnetic systems
  • Spin liquids and glasses
  • Liquid and amorphous magnets
  • Collective excitations in low dimensional systems

4-06 Excitations from molecular systems

List of subcommittee 4 members, pdf file (pdf - 3.86 Ki).