Chemistry Laboratories

Welcome to the ILL Chemistry Laboratories

The ILL Chemistry Laboratories are situated in the Science Building on the first floor which also hosts the ESRF Chemistry Laboratories. The laboratories are devoted to all areas of chemistry, except Soft Matter. The Soft Matter laboratories are embedded into the PSCM and can be found on the second floor.
A main chemistry laboratory is available for simple chemical synthesis and advanced sample preparation. Furthermore a special laboratory for handling corrosive substances, a glovebox room, a furnace room and cold room are available.

Three additional laboratories dedicated to sample preparation close to the instruments are situated in the Guide Halls ILL7 and ILL22.

Please be aware that active samples are not allowed in any of the laboratories. Neither in the Science Building, nor in the Guide Hall labs.
If you have any questions in the meantime, please contact:

David HESS (Laboratory Responsible), Science Building, office 108, phone: 71 12
Sandrine VERDON (Laboratory Assistant), Science Building, office 107, phone: 76 02

or simply: chemistry(at)

Main Chemistry Laboratory (SB-115/116)

The Main Chemistry Laboratory is intended for simple chemical synthesis and sample preparation for neutron experiments. Therefore bench space, four fume hoods and in-house lines for argon, nitrogen and compressed air are available. The laboratory is equipped with standard equipment such as hot plates, pH-meter, balances, ultrapure water, fridge and freezer. Furthermore basic stocks of glassware, chemicals and consumables are available.





Mettler-Toledo AE200  


Carl Roth Rotilabo Mini-centrifuge  


Mettler Toledo FG3 – FiveGo conductivity  


Liebherr LGex3410  

Water bath/Thermostat

Lauda Ecoline E100  

Ultrasonic bath

Fisher Scientific FB 15 0 51  

Rotary evaporator

Heidolph Laborota 4001 efficient  

Hot plate stirrer

IKA RCT standard safety control (4x)  

Heat gun

Steinel HL 1910 E  

pH meter

Mettler Toledo FG2 – FiveGo pH meter  

pH meter

Mettler ToledoFiveEasy FE20  


STARLAB ErgoOne 2-20μl  


STARLAB ErgoOne 0.5-10μl  


STARLAB ErgoOne 10-100μl  


STARLAB ErgoOne 20-200μl  


STARLAB ErgoOne 100-1000μl  

Vacuum pumping unit

Vacuubrand PC 3001 Vario Pro  


Carl Roth Rotilabo Magnetic Stirrer R1000  



Peak-load Chemistry Laboratory (SB-120)

The Peak-load Chemistry Laboratory is a shared laboratory between the ILL and the ESRF in order to deal with elevated user requests of both facilities.It is equipped with two fume hoods, bench space and in-house lines for argon, nitrogen and compressed air.

Corrosive Substances (SB-121)

A special laboratory for handling corrosive substances is shared between the ILL and the ESRF. All works that require handling of corrosives, such as concentrated acids, must be done in this laboratory. It is equipped with two special fume hoods, bench space and an emergency shower.

Glovebox Room (SB-102/103)

The Glovebox Room will host an ILL and an ESRF Glovebox. Both instruments are operated under an argon atmosphere.

Furnace Room (SB-104)

The Furnace Room hosts a selection of tube furnaces, ovens and a vacuum oven.

DNA-Spinner and Bio-preparation Lab (SB-101)

This laboratory hosts a DNA-Spinner and some bench space dedicated to the preparation of bio-chemistry related samples.

For any questions concerning the DNA-Spinner, please contact Andrew WILDES.

Cold Room (SB-129)

The Cold Room is operated at a temperature around 9 °C.

Chemical Inventory

Please note: The inventory list will be updated regularly. However, it is merely meant as an orientation guide, content and completeness are not guaranteed. Always verify the availability of a chemical in advance.