Versatile high flux backscattering spectrometer

IN16B was not yet commissioned when this page was written and thus examples were taken from its predecessor IN16. New examples will be added with time.

Quasielastic Spectroscopy

The high energy resolution of IN16 allows the separation of elastic and quasielastic contributions and helps to understand the microscopic dynamics by the analysis of the Q-dependence of the intensities and linewidth.

The example shows IN16 measurements on a miscible polymer blend of the more mobile PEP with the less mobile HPPP and using for the blend D-labeling to enhance the scattering of one of the components. The understanding of dynamic miscibility of blends is a topical issue in physical chemistry (see figure).

Ref.: R. Perez, A. Arbe, J. Colmenero, L.Willner, D. Richter, B. Frick; Macromolecules 2005, to be published.