Versatile high flux backscattering spectrometer

IN16B was not yet commissioned when this page was written and thus examples were taken from its predecessor IN16. New examples will be added with time.

Inelastic Spectroscopy

Inelastic excitations can be measured on IN16 with extremely high energy resolution.

Many examples for backscattering on rotational tunneling systems can be found in Prager, M. & Heidemann A., Chemical Reviews 1997, 97, 2933-2966.
Similarly, low energy nuclear spin excitations, which arise in the example shown from nuclear hyperfine splitting of Nd nuclei in NdGaO3, can only be resolved with sub-μeV energy resolution (see figure).

Ref.: Chatterji,T. & Frick, B., Solid State Communications 2004, 131, 453.