Versatile high flux backscattering spectrometer

IN16B was not yet commissioned when this page was written and thus examples were taken from its predecessor IN16. New examples will be added with time.

Fixed window scans

Elastic or inelastic fixed window scans give a quick overview of the onset of motions faster than the time scale corresponding to the energy resolution (∼4 ns).

The elastic scans shown illustrate how local methyl group dynamics and extended segmental dynamics of a polymer are differently influenced by spatial restrictions in a porous material. It can also be seen that the crystallisation (upwards jump for bulk) is suppressed when confinement volume is sufficiently small (see figure).

Ref.: Schönhals, A., Goering, H., Schick, C., Frick, B. & Zorn, R.; European Physical Journal E, 2003, 12, 173-178.