Test Laue neutron-diffractometer

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ImageJ is used for image manipulation and has some useful graphical tools for the initial analysis of images.

It is freely available to download at

ImageJ is installed on both the Linux and Windows 10 machines.  Double-click the ImageJ icon to start the software.

Converting the data from TIF to PNG or BMP

Converting the data from TIF to PNG or BMP

The Windows 10 machine has software to index the data.  However, the data must be in .png or .bmp format. 

OrientExpress data must be converted to these formats before indexing can be done.

Data in .tif format will have been stored in the shared directory that must be defined at the beginning of the measurement.

To convert an image:

1.     From the ImageJ menu, choose File : open to open a .tif image from the shared directory.  It is likely to be very dark, as shown on the left.


2.     From the ImageJ menu, choose Image : Adjust : Brightness to open a window.

3.     Adjust the brightness and contrast to have a satisfactory image. Usually, the Auto button does the trick.

4.     Once you're happy with the image, click the Apply button.  You will be prompted with a warning window - click OK.

5.     From the ImageJ menu, choose File : Save As..., select .png or .bmp as the output format, and save your modified image into the shared directory.

The data are now ready to be indexed.

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