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The ILL Scientific Council met on site on 27-28 March. On the two previous days, 25-26 March, the Subcommittees of the scientific council met to analyse and select the proposals for beam time in 2025.

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Eight new project proposals with ILL’s involvement have been submitted to the European Commission last week. ILL is leading two of these proposals, one for intense magnetic fields and another on artificial intelligence.

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The global need to transition to a sustainable and clean energy future has brought hydrogen to the forefront as a promising clean energy carrier. Efficient and safe storage is a key challenge and hydrogen storage in activated carbons is a promising…

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The ILL's Science Strategy Working Group had its first meeting on 7/8 March on site in Grenoble. The aim of the first meeting was to define the research areas on which the group’s discussions will focus and set up a working structure.

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An article recently published in Cell Reports reveals how researchers have for the first time directly visualized the position of protons within key functional elements of an enzyme that plays an important role in the metabolism of many…

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The first 2024 reactor cycle at ILL started at 08:30 today, February 27th. It will go on for 49 days, until April 16th, at a power of 54.7 MW.

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The Integrative Computational Biology Workshop brought together structural biologists with mathematicians and computer scientists on the EPN campus this week. The goal was to contribute to progress in the modelling of proteins' behaviour.

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The NEPHEWS partners met last week at the SOLARIS Centre in Krakow, Poland, for the kick-off meeting. The main goal of this EU-funded project is to provide scientists from all over the world with access to major research infrastructures in Europe.

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Understanding the interactions of biomolecules such as proteins or drugs with the membrane of cells is important in biomedical research and for the pharmaceutical industry. The sensitivity of neutrons to hydrogen atoms make neutron scattering a…

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Magnetic skyrmions are unique magnetic structures. A breakthrough has been achieved through neutron scattering techniques, revealing the presence of hybrid skyrmion phases. Skyrmion-based magnonic crystals offer promising possibilities in signal…