Three Axis instrument for Low Energy Spectrometry

Spin resonance and magnetism in Nd1−xCexCoIn5

arxiv 1705.01255v1.

In Nd0.05Ce0.95CoIn5 static magnetic order is found below TN = 0.8 K within its superconducting phase below Tc = 1.8 K. This magnetic structure is an amplitude modulated SDW described by Q = (q, q, 0.5) with q = 0.448 and ordered magnetic moment μ ≈ 0.11μB along the c-axis.
Here the low-energy excitation spectrum of Nd0.05 Ce0.95 CoIn5 was measured, where a spin resonance was observed. The spin resonance is only observed for temperatures below Tc, and has an energy ∆E = 0.43(2) meV.