Diffuse Scattering Spectrometer

 D7 has been dismantled.  The new permanently-polarized diffuse scattering spectrometer D007 will deliver its first neutrons in 2024.

Data acquisition

During your experiment you will be able to check the data acquisition, away from the instrument, via the the NOMAD website

Data Analysis

Data analysis on D7 is mostly performed using LAMP (Large Array Manipulation Program) and runs using IDL. Whilst performing your experiment you will use the local version of LAMP which contains all of the programs required to analyse your data. This includes background, quartz and vanadium corrections. Before you leave you will download a runtime version of LAMP which will allow you to continue to analyse your data in your home institute using the macros created during your experiment. The download and installation procedure can be found on the LAMP webpage.

A more indepth version of the macros used on D7 can be found at D7 LAMP Manual