Diffuse Scattering Spectrometer

 D7 has been dismantled.  The new permanently-polarized diffuse scattering spectrometer D007 will deliver its first neutrons in 2024.

How neutron spins behave

Here D7 is shown in its spin-flip (SF) configuration.

  • Unpolarised neutrons are reflected by the graphite monochromator.
  • The incident neutron beam is polarised by the supermirror bender polariser.
  • For measurement of SF cross-sections, the neutrons are spin flipped by the flipper.
    Flipper is turned off when measuring non spin-flip (NSF) cross-sections.
  • The neutrons are reflected and also partially spin-flipped by the sample.
  • The spin-up neutrons are transmitted and spin-down neutrons are absorbed the supermirror bender analyser before being detected.