SYNERGI 2018: New analytical tools for engineering material science

Dates: 8th – 9th March 2018

Location: NEMO Science Museum, Amsterdam

Europe is home to the world’s most extensive portfolio of Advanced Research Infrastructures (ARIs), serving a wide and dynamic community of tens of thousands of scientists every year. These specialised large-scale facilities enable remarkable insights into materials of all types and are increasingly becoming an indispensable tool used by industry R&D where innovation is paramount. 

SYNERGI 2018 is a new form of event organized by European ARIs that brings together industrial researchers and facility experts in order to discuss how tailored-made characterisation techniques can give enterprises game-changing understanding of the material used in their products. Free trial access to Europe’s most advanced neutron and synchrotron radiation research facilities may also be offered where R&D engineers can participate in tests on state-of–the–art instruments often capable of mimicking real product fabrication/working conditions.

Thematically, the forum will cover engineering material science globally, with spotlights on the automotive, aerospace, (nano)microelectronics and metallurgy sectors, and exploring traversal cutting edge developments such as additive manufacturing and advanced energy production/storage.

Registration for the business-research matching event requires the attendee to create a profile indicating their main fields of interest, enabling a dedicated team of ARI scientists and industrial liaison officers to offer individualised agendas to participants for confidential discussions with ARI experts on hand. Meetings can also be requested with specific participants.

European projects supporting SYNERGI 2018.
Organisation of the R2B-Matching is supported by Enterprise Europe Network (EEN).

Early bird registration closes on 31/12/2017