HERCULES 2024 comes to an end

After five intense weeks, HERCULES 2024 came to an end on 28 March. Here you can find a small selection of photos taken at the ILL. HERCULES will be back in 2025!

After five intense weeks, HERCULES 2024 came to an end on 28 March with a final party. This year's edition involved 105 participants and took place during a reactor cycle, which meant that neutrons were available for all the practical sessions. The organisers warmly thank everyone at ILL who supported the HERCULES activities, in particular G. Loret for her invaluable help. 

The HERCULES European School is coordinated by the Université Grenoble Alpes (UGA), and ILL is closely involved in its organisation. The school provides training for students, postdoctoral and senior scientists from European and non-European universities and laboratories, in the field of Neutrons, X-ray Synchrotron Radiation, and Free Electron Laser for condensed matter studies (Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Materials Science, Geosciences, Industrial applications).