BIG-MAP – Designing a European platform for the study of standardised and new batteries

BIG-MAP's Advanced Characterisation Work Package (WP5) is responsible for the creation of a European multi-modal, multi-technique platform enabling the investigation of standardised and novel batteries, using coordinated, state-of-the-art experimental techniques both in laboratories and at large-scale facilities (using X-rays and Neutrons).

In this context, the ILL, ESRF and CEA recently organised on 14 June 2023 a two-day joint workshop at the EPN campus in Grenoble, France.
Bringing together BIG-MAP characterization experts from ten EU academic laboratories, the meeting provided every participant with an opportunity to report on their results - based on an ambitious planned workflow of experiments run with a selected battery chemistry.
The exchanges led to discuss ongoing and future collaborations concerning one of the project's Key Demonstrators for data acquisition and analysis.

    Two specific, data-oriented sessions were also organised to guide BIG-MAP users towards the best practices for data analysis:

    • hands-on training for XPS data analysis - including a round-robin overview to establish normalized analytical protocols,
    • general data analysis - highlighting methodologies for big data handling and data fairness, with a highly relevant presentation from V. Favre-Nicolin (ESRF).

    The BIG-MAP project (Battery Interface Genome - Materials Acceleration Platform), as part of the European Battery 2030+ initiative, aims to revolutionise next generation battery innovation whilst greatly accelerating R&D capabilities.

    This groundbreaking partnership consisting of over 30 leading European academic, industrial and research partners - leveraging in a coordinated and holistic environment:

    • material expertise,
    • AI orchestration,
    • automated robotics for rapid material synthesis and testing,
    • high performance computing,
    • machine learning and
    • advanced characterization techniques


    Strengthening and extending synergies with other BIG-MAP Work Packages was also a fundamental objective of the workshop. This was achieved through the participation of scientists representing:

    • the AI materials and discovery WP - specifically on the topics of high-throughput data handling and analysis, and
    • the Ontology WP - who provided concrete demonstrations applied to characterization activities.