Curium and ILL signed agreement for radioisotope production

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Curium just announced an agreement that adds ILL to their global irradiation portfolio to ensure continuous supply of Lutetium-177 to benefit more than 100 000 cancer patients over the next five years

Curium, a world leader in nuclear medicine, just announced that it has signed a long-term partnership with the Institut Laue–Langevin (ILL) for the production of lutetium-177 (Lu-177) at ILL's high-flux nuclear reactor in Grenoble, France. This new partnership with the ILL will add additional security of supply while bringing a high-flux reactor within the Curium irradiation landscape.  

“The ILL is a world-leader in neutron science and technology, well-known for hosting scientific users from its 14 partner countries and from all around the world to perform cutting-edge research. Moreover, the ILL supports nuclear medicine by performing irradiations in its high-flux reactor to produce medical isotopes, thus serving cancer patients globally. We are very happy to include Curium in our network of collaborating companies,” said Ken Andersen, Director of the ILL.

Last month, at the 7th edition of the Choose France Summit, held at the Château de Versailles.The Swiss company NOVARTIS announced the desire to establish a partnership with the ILL. This is part of the plan to create a production unit intended to supply the French market with the first radioligand therapy (RLT) drug for the treatment of metastatic prostate cancer, an investment close to 30 million euros in France.


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