IN15 High Resolution Spin-echo spectrometer

IN15 - High Resolution Spin-echo spectrometer

IN15 is a high energy and momentum resolution spin-echo spectrometer optimised for quasielastic small angle scattering. This instrument has been jointly constructed by ILL, FZ Juelich, HMI Berlin, upgraded in 2014 by ILL and TU Berlin via BMBF grants 05K10KT1, 05K13KT1 and FZ Jülich.


The neutron spin-echo technique is a unique inelastic scattering technique that measures velocity changes experienced by neutrons when they interact with matter by using their spins as a timer. This spectrometry has unmatched sensitivity and is mainly used to investigate very slow collective movements. 
The relaxation times and the distances that can be accessed with IN15 are 0.001 to 1000 ns and 1 to 500 Å respectively, making IN15 the highest resolution neutron spin-echo spectrometer in the world.

Typical applications include:

  • Dynamics in soft colloidal structures (e.g. liposomes, proteins, micelles, microemulsions)
  • Reptation in polymer melts
  • Alpha relaxation in glass-forming polymers
  • Diffusion of molecules in confined media
  • Magnetic excitations
  • Spin glass dynamics
  • Phonon linewidths