Massive dynamic q-range small-angle diffractometer

D33 - Massive dynamic q-range small-angle diffractometer

D33 is a Small-Angle Neutron Scattering instrument for the characterization of samples with typical sizes varying from the nanometer scale to few tenth of micrometer. In addition to a standard monochromatic mode of operation, D33 offers a time of flight mode (TOF) to cover an enhanced dynamic q-range qmax/qmin in one instrument setting.
High magnetic fields, up to 17 T at the sample position, beam polarization and 3He spin analysis, facilitate and expand studies of magnetism and allow a more quantitative analysis of spin incoherent samples. The high flux allows for kinetic experiments with time resolution of the order of few milliseconds.


  • Soft condensed Matter:
    organic and inorganic colloidal particles; polymers blends or polymer in solution, gels, liquid crystals; self assembly of surfactant molecules.
  • Biology:
    proteins, nucleic acids, biomembranes, vectors for drug delivery.
  • Material Science:
    phase separation in alloys and glasses, morphologies of superalloys, microporosity in ceramics, interfaces and surfaces of catalysts.
  • Magnetism:
    Flux line lattices in superconductors; magnetic correlations.

Layout shown in three parts

  • Top:
    neutron selection either with a neutron velocity selector (monochromatic mode) or with choppers (time of flight mode)
  • Middle:
    collimation part
  • Bottom:
    front and rear detector moving in the vacuum tube from 1.2 m to 12.8 m after the sample position.