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Institut Laue-Langevin

Applications must be sent to us via our electronic recruitment system.
This allows you to perform the following functions online :

* Apply for an advertised job vacancy
* Submit an unsolicited application
* Consult your application file (if you are a returning applicant)

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Job vacancies

Employees from GIANT's partner organizations with a permanent contract can apply for ILL's fixed term contract offers. Applications will be treated as a secondment request.



What the staff have to say

  • Antonello: Intrumentation Technician
  • Emilio: Instrumentation Engineer
  • Larissa: Administrative Assistant
  • Markus : PhD student
  • Rob: Radio ProtectionTechnician

Click here to meet some of our staff members.


email : recruitment(at)

telephone : +33 4 76 20 72 36