Mantid for the ILL


Mantid is a framework for high-performance computing and visualisation of neutron scattering data. It provides a core framework in C++, a Python API, python plugins and a cross-platform graphical desktop application - workbench.

Mantid is an international collaboration between ISIS RAL, ORNL, ILL, ESS, CSNS with contributions from MLZ, PSI, ANSTO. ILL joined the collaboration in 2016 in the frames of the Bastille project - the software modernization programme, as part of the Endurance project. 


Where to find it?

It is possible to download and install the latest official release on the Mantid project website as well as the nightly builds.

However it is not necessary as Mantid is available directly on a visa instance so that analysis can be performed directly in the cloud. 

On visa, several versions of Mantid are available:

  • the official release 
  • the nightly build (at the date where the visa instance was created)
  • the daily ILL build (this version is local to the ILL and allows us to deploy new features quickly, all features are eventually merged into the official version).

ILL instruments supported

As of December 2022, the following instruments are supported:

  • SANS: D11, D22, D33, D16
  • DIFF: D1B, D20, D2B, XTREMED, D4, D7, SALSA
  • BACK: IN16B


O. Arnold, et al., Mantid—Data analysis and visualization package for neutron scattering and μSR experiments, Nuclear Instruments and Methods in Physics Research Section A, Volume 764, 11 November 2014, Pages 156-166,


Requests concerning features or issues specifically related to ILL can be addressed to:
General requests can also be raised in:
There is also a mail list to communicate news concerning the project at the ILL: (send a member request to be added to the list).

The ILL Team

  • Elisa Rebolini, Eric Pellegrini, Rémi Perenon Miguel-Angel Gonzalez, Tobias Weber & Stéphane Rols