College 5c

Nanoscale magnetism and superconductivity

College Secretary: Nina-Juliane Steinke
Mailing list:

College 5C focuses on nanoscale magnetism and superconductivity. The main instruments used for College 5C proposals are:

  • D17, Neutron Reflectometer with Horizontal Scattering Geometry
  • D11, Small-Angle Neutron Scattering Instrument
  • D22, Large Dynamic Range Small-Angle Diffractometer
  • D33, Massive Dynamic q-range Small-Angle Diffractometer

If you want to come to the ILL and give a seminar, please apply to the college secretary.
A seminar can be scheduled at the ILL any time (best on Monday and Wednesday).
Travel and expenses for your stay may be reimbursed. Do not hesitate to suggest giving a seminar if you are coming for an experiment in Grenoble (ILL, ESRF, EMBL, CEA, CNRS, ...).

5-61 - Magnetic nanostructure determination

  • nanoparticles
  •  grains and alloys, applied magnetism
  •  magnetic phase diagrams

5-62 Magnetic defects, short range order and correlations

  • defects
  • glasses, short- range oder or correlations

5-71 Magnetic diffraction

  • flux line lattices, superconductors
  •  skyrmions and other nanomagnetic structures
  •  magnetic phase diagrams

5-72 Magnetic thin films and surfaces

  • interfaces and multilayers
  • lateral correlations (grazing incidence SANS and offspecular scattering)


List of subcommittee 5c members, pdf file (pdf - 2.39 Ki).