College 3

Nuclear and Particle Physics

College Secretary: CHANEL Estelle
Mailing list: col03_l(at)

College 3 covers the actvity of the nuclear and particle physics group (NPP) at the ILL.

The nuclear and particle physics group at ILL maintains four instruments:

  • PN1 ‘Lohengrin’ - Fission product spectroscopy of exotic neutron rich nuclei;
  •  PN3 ‘GAMS’ - Ultra-high precision measurements of gamma-rays emitted by nuclei after neutron capture;  
  • PF1B – High-intense (polarised) cold neutron facility;
  •  PF2 – Ultra-cold neutron (UCN) facility.

The four instruments cover a broad range of physical phenomena in atomic, nuclear and particle physics and make use of the neutron as a tool for investigating the four known forces of Nature.

If you want to come to the ILL and give a seminar, please apply to Caterina Michelagnoli
A seminar can be scheduled at the ILL any time.
Travel and expenses for your stay may be reimbursed. Do not hesitate if you are coming for an experiment in Grenoble (ILL, ESRF, EMBL, CEA, CNRS, ...).

  • 3-01 - PN1 "LOHENGRIN" fission product spectrometry
  • 3-03 - PN3 "GAMS" gamma ray spectrometry
  • 3-07 - PF1 cold (polarised) neutron beam
  • 3-14 - PF2 very cold and ultracold neutrons
  • 3-15 - Other nuclear and particle physics
  • 3-16 - S18 Neutron interferometer
  • 3-17 - FIPPS - Fission Product Prompt gamma-ray Spectrometer

List of subcommittee 3 members, pdf file (pdf - 3.78 Ki).