Hot neutron four-circle diffractometer

Atomic resolution neutron holography (principles and realization)

Atomic resolution neutron holography constitutes a novel technique to obtain structural information. It is based on the recording of the interference of neutron waves coherently scattered by atoms located on a crystal lattice with a suitable reference wave.

The process developed here utilizes a source of plane neutron waves outside the sample. The interference between the undisturbed and the scattered parts of the neutron wave field is recorded by point-like detectors, i.e. strongly neutron-absorbing nuclei, which are placed inside the crystal lattice that is to be imaged.

The very first measurements were performed on D9. The reconstructed hologram (see Fig.) demonstrates the experimental feasibility of this technique.

Ref.: Cser L. et al., Physica B 350, 113-119 (2004).