Curriculum vitae

Bachelor’s degree: Physics, University of Palermo

Master’s degree: Physics, University of Palermo

Protomembranes at the origin of life

How did the first living forms look like?
Within this project, I study some of the most promising membrane models for the first proto-cells that self-assembled on our planet.
Such membranes were likely similar to the ones of modern cells, but composed of much simpler molecules as building blocks (the only ones available on the early Earth).
On the other hand, these systems were experiencing a world quite different than the one we are used to: high temperatures and high pressure, up to levels that are considered as "extreme" for modern life survival.
My aim is to study and compare these proto-membrane candidates, following all structural and dynamical changes triggered by both high temperatures and high pressure.
The results will help to highlight some suitable strategies that allowed the first forms of life to endure the extreme environmental conditions, allowing the rise and evolution of modern life.