Olga Matsarskaia

Research Scientist




334 - Science Building - 3rd floor


+33 (0)4 76 20 82 56



I  am a SANS staff scientist (D11, D33) and secretary of College 8

Throughout my PhD studies at the University of Tübingen (Germany, 11/2014-12/2018), I focused on the investigation of the thermodynamics underlying charge-mediated protein interactions and charge-induced phase behaviour. My main methods included small-angle scattering, complemented by electrophoretic light scattering and calorimetry.

During my post-doctoral research in the Spectroscopy Group at the ILL (06/2019-02/2020), I participated in research concerned with the dynamics of proteins in crowded conditions.

Since 02/2020, I am a SANS staff scientist at the ILL. Using the skills and knowledge I obtained so far throughout my education, my main interests consist in applying methods, principles and concepts derived from physics to biological and soft matter.

My current research involves an interdisciplinary mechanistic investigation of stimulus-responsive peptides via a collaboration with the Life Science / Deuteration Group at the ILL. Neutron scattering, particularly SANS in combination with energy-resolved methods and complementary laboratory-based techniques, offers a unique opportunity for studying these systems.

I am furthermore strongly interested in building collaborations with those studying the molecular mechanisms underlying various diseases. I am happy to contribute structural and dynamic insights into disease-related malfunctioning proteins and other macromolecules, virus assembly, drug delivery and mechanisms.

If you are interested in using neutron and/or X-ray scattering for your research, please drop me an e-mail (matsarskaia(at) and I will be happy to discuss your project with you!


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