Giovanna Fragneto

Former Goup Leader until December 2022




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The focus of my research activities is the structural characterisation and  the study of fluctuations of model biological membranes with the aim of understanding phenomena at cell surfaces. Examples include the interaction of membranes with peptides, proteins, drugs or drug delivery systems. Systems are mainly planar and studied by neutron or x-ray reflectometry. 

  • Structure of natural and model membranes by reflectometry and diffraction: interaction of lipids with biomolecules
  • Determination of bending modulus and in-plane features of floating bilayers by grazing-incidence synchrotron radiation (coll.:  T. Charitat, J. Daillant & al.)
  • Lipid rafts mimicks structural characterisation (coll.: L. Cantù, V. Rondelli)
  • Lipid Flip-Flop (coll.: Yuri Gerelli, Lionel Porcar, Ursula Perez-Salas)
  • Deuterated Natural Lipid Extraction (coll.: H. Wacklin, J. Johuet, E. Marechal, M. Haertlein)
  • Interaction of nano particles with membranes (coll. Maccarini, Baldelli)
  • Deuterated protein/PEG interactions (coll.: E. Schneck, M. Sferrazza, A. Halperin) 
  • Liquid/liquid interfaces (coll.: E. Scoppola, O. Diat, O. Konovalov, E. Watkins, R. Campbell)
  • Flash-cooling phospholipid bilayers (coll.: M. Weik, J. Zaccai)


Real biological membranes have different components, including lipids, sterols and proteins, which are distributed very heterogeneously, forming domains that are involved in the transmission of signals between the inside and the outside of the cell. Current efforts are devoted to exploring systems, such as natural lipids extracted from cells, to get closer to this complex reality.

Optical, electron, and atomic force microscopies have come a long way in recent decades. However, neutron scattering gives complementary and unique information and is increasingly widely used. One of its more and more frequent applications is the study of the nanoscale structure of model membranes and their interactions with proteins or peptides participating in important cellular functions.

Protein deuteration is becoming a common technique coupled to neutrons to refine details of protein-lipid interactions and protein structure at interfaces: deuteration of other membrane components like lipids and sterols have also made steady progress in recent years. Neutron scattering at small angles has nanometer resolution and, unlike crystallographic techniques, can be used to probe membranes in physiological conditions or in-vivo and follow processes in-situ.

Recently we have shown that it is possible to prepare extracts of true natural yeast membranes and prepare with them reproducible and stable bilayers. This allowed the study of the mechanism of interaction of an antibiotic molecule like amphotericin with natural membranes containing sterol.
Work is in progress to optimize methods to produce bilayers from natural lipid extracts on soft cushions and to separate the different lipid species from the extracts.

A very topical issue in this field is also the development of reliable protocols for reconstitution of membrane proteins into model membranes. Smart measurement setups and data analysis procedures have already allowed the acquisition of precious information on membrane protein function. The coupling of scattering and MD simulations has been recently reviewed.
Interesting developments for the study of liquid-liquid interfaces with neutron reflectometry have been possible recently thanks to the possibility to strike the interface with the neutron beam from both sides of a liquid-liquid interface. For example, planar lipid bilayers were prepared and characterized both in the gel and fluid phases at a fluorocarbon-aqueous solution interface.
Neutron work at the liquid-liquid interface has been limited in the past by the poor transmission of neutrons through liquids, even if deuterated. The universal law of attenuation of radiation passing through matter (Beer-Lambert law) is also valid for neutron transmission. Fluorocarbons transmit neutrons well (larger penetration depth than for hydrocarbons) and are denser than water. This allows the use of bulk liquids with large enough surfaces to illuminate the sample away from the meniscus (for reflectometry measurements samples must be flat to avoid cumbersome procedures of data normalization). Partially negatively charged bilayers from POPC containing 30 mol % POPS were formed from vesicle fusion in the presence of salt from the aqueous side of the interfaces on a positively charged monolayer from 1,2-distearoyl-sn-glycero-3-phosphocholine (DSPC) and di-stearoylpropyl trimonium chloride (DSTAP) (7:3 mol:mol) created at the fluorocarbon-aqueous solution interface. A bilayer with good coverage was produced from which the distance of the interface varied with salt content. The interest of producing bilayers at a liquid-liquid interface lies in the possibility to have a model fluctuating between fluid media adapted for characterization at the fraction of nanometer level with ease of manipulation and possibility to determine the effect of thermodynamic parameters or interacting biomolecules. The transport across the interface should be easier than when bilayers are adjacent to a solid surface.

This and other interesting developments confirm that in the biology of the future, physics should play a major role. If we fully exploit their potential, neutrons can help unravel the secrets of life.

Collaborators, Friends and useful links

Structural features of interfacially adsorbed acyl-l-carnitines
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M. Al-Jawad, G. Fragneto, J. Liu, S. R. Chang and B. Clarkso
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Interaction of Cationic Lipoplexes with Floating Bilayers at the Solid−Liquid Interface (pdf - 2.49 Mi)
Jonathan P. Talbot, David J. Barlow, M. Jayne Lawrence, Peter A. Timmins and Giovanna Fragneto
Langmuir, 2009, 25 (7), pp 4168–4180

Interaction of Cationic Lipid/DNA Complexes with Model Membranes As Determined by Neutron Reflectivity (pdf - 695 Ki)
P. Callow, G. Fragneto, R. Cubitt, D. J. Barlow and M. J. Lawrence
Langmuir, 2009, 25 (7), pp 4181–4189

Specular Neutron Reflectivity Studies of the Interaction of Cytochrome c with Supported Phosphatidylcholine Bilayers Doped with Phosphotidylserine (pdf - 370 Ki)
A. P. Dabkowska, G. Fragneto, A. V. Hughes, P. J. Quinn and M. J. Lawrence
Langmuir, 2009, 25 (7), pp 4203–4210

Lamellar Stacking Split by In-Membrane Clustering of Bulky Glycolipids (pdf - 846 Ki)
E. Del Favero, A. Raudino, P. Brocca, S. Motta, G. Fragneto, M. Corti and L. Cantú
Langmuir, 2009, pp 4190–4197fileadmin/users_files/media/groups/LSS/doc/Giovanna_FRAGNETO/publications/steichen_langmuir_2009.pdf

Interfacial Behavior of a Hairpin DNA Probe Immobilized on Gold Surfaces (pdf - 408 Ki)
M. Steichen, N. Brouette, C. Buess-Herman, G. Fragneto and M. Sferrazza
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Fluctuations and destabilization of single phospholipid bilayers (pdf - 1.59 Mi)
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Soft Matter 4, 2267-2277 (2008)

Orientation-selective incorporation of transmembrane F0F1 ATP synthase complex from Micrococcus luteus in polymer-supported membranes (pdf - 877 Ki)
Tutus M., Rossetti F.F., Schneck E., Fragneto G., Förster F., Richter R., Nawroth T., Tanaka M.
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Structural and Dynamical Studies from Biomimetic Systems: an Overview
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Effect of Low Amounts of Cholesterol on the Swelling Behavior of Floating Bilayers (pdf - 191 Ki)
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Cholesterol Induced Suppression of Large Swelling of Water Layer in Phosphocholine Floating Bilayers (pdf - 296 Ki)
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Structure and fluctuations of a single floating lipid bilayer (pdf - 421 Ki)
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Interaction of Cationic Lipid Vesicles with Model Cell Membranes As Determined by Neutron Reflectivity (pdf - 226 Ki)
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Langmuir, 2005; 21(17); 7912-7920   

SANS investigations of the lipidic cubic phase behaviour in course of bacteriorhodopsin crystallization (pdf - 237 Ki)
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Phospholipase A2 Hydrolysis of Supported Phospholipid Bilayers: A Neutron Reflectivity and Ellipsometry Study (pdf - 249 Ki)
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Structural Studies of the Neural-Cell-Adhesion Molecule by X-ray and Neutron Reflectivity (pdf - 224 Ki)
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Biochemistry, 2005,  44(2), 546-554  

Distorted Hexagonal Phase Studied by Neutron Diffraction: Lipid Components Demixed in a Bent Monolayer (pdf - 720 Ki)
L. Ding, T. M. Weiss, G. Fragneto, W. Liu, L. Yang and H. W. Huang
Langmuir 2005, 21, 203-210    

X-ray and neutron reflectivity study of solid-supported lipid membranes prepared by spin coating (pdf - 112 Ki)
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Journal of Applied Physics 2004, 96, 6839-6844     

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Collective dynamics in phospholipid bilayers investigated by inelastic neutron scattering: exploring the dynamics of biological membranes with neutrons (pdf - 844 Ki)
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Interaction of the third helix of antennapedia homeodomain with a deposited phospholipid bilayer: (pdf - 220 Ki)
A neutron reflectivity structural study
Fragneto G., Graner F., Charitat T., Dubos P., Bellet-Amalric E. - Langmuir Vol. 16 pp. 4581-4588, 2000 

Adsorption of proteins from aqueous solutions on hydrophobic surfaces studied by neutron reflection (pdf - 182 Ki)
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Biology at ECNS'99
Fragneto-Cusani G. - Neutron News Vol. 11 pp. 12-13, 2000 

Adsorbed and free lipid bilayers at the solid-liquid interface viewed by specular and off-specular reflectivity
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Adsorbed and free lipid bilayers at the solid-liquid interface (pdf - 417 Ki)
Charitat T., Bellet-Amalric E.,Fragneto G., Graner F. -   European Physical Journal B Vol. 8 pp. 583-593, 1999     

Neutron Reflection Study of Bovine b-Casein Adsorbed on OTS Self-Assembled Monolayers (pdf - 1.04 Mi)

Neutron reflectivity measurements at the oil/water interface for the study of stimuli-responsive emulsions
Protat, M.; Bodin-Thomazo, N.; Malloggi, F.; et al.
European Physical Journal E   Volume: 41   Issue: 7     Article Number: 85   Published: JUL 16 2018

Solvent Extraction: Structure of the Liquid–Liquid Interface Containing a Diamide Ligand
Ernesto Scoppola, Erik B. Watkins, Richard A. Campbell, Oleg Konovalov, Luc Girard, Jean-Francois Dufreche, Geoffroy Ferru, Giovanna Fragneto, and Olivier Diat
Angew. Chem. Int. Ed. 2016, 55, 9326 –9330   

Structure of Liquid/Liquid interface during Solvent Extraction combining X-ray and Neutron reflectivity 
Ernesto Scoppola, Erik watkins,  Lionel Porcar, Richard Campbell, Oleg Konovalov, Giovanni Li Destri, Giovanna Fragneto, Olivier Diat 
Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics 05/2015; DOI:10.1039/C5CP01809A 

Light-emitting dendrimer film morphology: A neutron reflectivity study (pdf - 224 Ki)
S. V. Vickers, H. Barcena, K. A. Knights, R. K. Thomas, J.-C. Ribierre, S. Gambino, I. D. W. Samuel, P. L. Burn, and Giovanna Fragneto
Appl. Phys. Lett. 96, 263302 (2010); doi:10.1063/1.3457438

The H-sorption behaviour of ball-milled MgH2 5 MOL.% FeF3 studied by in-situ small angle neutron scattering (pdf - 254 Ki)
Deledda S., Vennström M., Borissova A., Yavari A.R., Fragneto G. 
Reviews on Advanced Materials Science 18, 616-620 (2008)

Neutron reflectivity study of the kinetics of polymer-polymer interface formation (pdf - 171 Ki)
W. Béziel, G. Fragneto, F. Cousin and M. Sferrazza
PHYSICAL REVIEW E 2008, 78, 022801

In situ neutron diffraction analysis of the influence of geometric confinement on crystalline swelling of montmorillonite
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Relating the physical structure and optical properties of conjugated polymers using neutron reflectivity in combination with photoluminescence spectroscopy 
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Neutron Reflectivity Studies Of Aerosol-OT Monolayers Adsorbed At The  Oil/Water, Air/Water And Hydrophobic Solid/Water Interfaces 
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Neutron Reflection from Mixtures of Sodium Dodecyl Sulphate and Dodecyl Betaine  Adsorbed at the Hydrophobic Solid/Aqueous Interface 
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A Neutron Reflectivity Study of The Adsorption of Aerosol-OT on Self-Assembled Monolayers on Silicon 
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Variation of Surfactant Counterion and its Effect on the Structure and Properties of Aerosol-OT Based Water-In-Oil Microemulsions 
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J.Chem. Soc. Far. Trans., 1992, Vol.88, No.3, pp.461-471

Small-Angle Neutron Scattering from Novel Bis-2- Ethylhexylsulphosuccinate Microemulsions Evidence for Nonspherical Structures
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Reflectometry Reveals Accumulation of Surfactant Impurities at Bare Oil/Water Interfaces
Ernesto Scoppola, Samantha Micciulla, Lucas Kuhrts, Armando Maestro, Richard A. Campbell, Oleg V. Konovalov, Giovanna Fragneto, Emanuel Schneck
Molecules 2019 24(22) 4113

Current Frontiers on Liquid-Liquid Interfaces Workshop
Yuri Gerelli, Richard Campbell, Giovanna Fragneto, Ernesto Scoppola, Fabio Comin, Oleg Konovalov, and Olivier Diat
Neutron News 2016, vol. 27, issue 1, 21-22

Progress in neutron reflectometry instrumentation
Giovanna Fragneto and Alain Menelle
Eur. Phys. J. Plus (2011) 126: 105

FIGARO: The new horizontal neutron reflectometer at the ILL (pdf - 6.07 Mi)
R.A. Campbell, H.P. Wacklin, I. Sutton, R. Cubitt, and G. Fragneto
Eur. Phys. J. Plus (2011) 126: 107

Réflectivité de neutrons : exemples d’études des systèmes en matière molle (pdf - 560 Ki)
G. Fragneto
Collection SFN 11 (2010) 89–100

Scientific Highlights from FIGARO’s first year (pdf - 347 Ki)
Richard A. Campbell, Hanna P. Wacklin, Robert Cubitt & Giovanna FragnetoNeutron News 2009

New sources and instrumentation for neutrons in biology (pdf - 347 Ki)
Teixeira SCM, Zaccai G, Ankner J, et al.
Chemical Physics, 2008, 345, 2-3, 133-151

REFILL2002. Advances in the study of interfaces with neutron reflection
Cubitt R., Fragneto G., Ghosh R.E., Rennie A.R. - Langmuir Vol. 19 pp. 7685-7687, 2003

D17: The new reflectometer at the ILL (pdf - 140 Ki)
Cubitt R., Fragneto G. - Applied Physics A Vol. 74 pp. S329-S331, 2002

Neutron reflection: Principles and examples of applications (pdf - 2.38 Mi)
Cubitt R., Fragneto G. -in SCATTERING - Eds. PIKE AND SABATIER, 2001

The European Physical Journal volume 36 July 2013

Editors Giovanna Fragneto and Frank Gabel

This special issue brings together a number of original research papers focused on recent developments in biological membrane and membrane model studies by a variety of state-of-the-art biophysical methods. Neutron scattering is especially well represented.
Our knowledge of biological macromolecules and their interactions is based on the application of physical methods, ranging from classical thermodynamics to recently developed techniques for the detection and manipulation of single molecules. The role of neutron diffraction and spectroscopy techniques in improving this knowledge has been outstanding and the potential for future developments is remarkable. Many challenges remain for neutron techniques to answer the questions raised by molecular and cellullar biology. These contributions give a flavour of the progress in the field.

This issue is dedicated to the exceptional career of Joe Zaccaï in neutron biological physics with thanks for his great contribution to neutron scattering in biology. Coming originally from a background in physics, Joe Zaccaï has been working for many decades in the field of molecular and cellular biology. His important scientific contributions as well as his passionate teachings at conferences and in university courses provide an encouraging example for present and future generations of scientists that working at the interface between physics and biology can be very fruitful and rewarding if both disciplines are embraced with passion and open-mindedness.

The European Physical Journal Plus

Guest Editors: Giovanna Fragneto and Alain Menelle [published November 2011]

The last three decades have seen a flourishing of neutron reflectivity techniques for the study of layers at interfaces and they are today recognized as powerful tools for the study of a variety of systems ranging from surface chemistry to surface magnetism and solid films. For studies at interfaces neutron reflection offers many advantages with respect to traditional techniques as well as to X-ray reflection. In particular, because of the short wavelengths available, it has a resolution of a fraction of a nanometer, it is non-destructive and can be applied to buried interfaces which are not easily accessible to other techniques. In addition, it has the advantage that isotopic substitution can be used to achieve large contrasts in the scattering length density. Lateral inhomogeneities cannot be probed by specular reflection and off-specular studies become necessary.

This focus point is a collection of manuscripts covering both the upgrade of old reflectometers (see contributions on EROS at LLB by F. Cousin et al. and SPEAR at LANL by M. Dubey et al.), the design and performance of recently commissioned ones (FIGARO at ILL by R. A. Campbell et al., Inter, PolRef and OffSpec at ISIS-TS2 by J. R. P. Webster et al., SOFIA at J-PARC/MLF by N. L. Yamada et al.) as well as two methodological contributions useful for future developments of the technique like the possibility to measure inelastic scattering on a neutron reflectometer (by A. Wildes) and to do real measurements involving prism refraction to deduce the wavelength in place of choppers, opening up the possibility of sub-second kinetics studies (by R. Cubitt et al.).

  • Progress in neutron reflectometry instrumentation by Giovanna Fragneto and Alain Menelle
  • EROS II: A boosted time-of-flight reflectometer for multi-purposes applications at the Laboratoire Léon Brillouin by F. Cousin, F. Ott, F. Gibert and A. Menelle
  • SPEAR — ToF neutron reflectometer at the Los Alamos Neutron Science Center by M. Dubey, M.S. Jablin, P. Wang, M. Mocko and J. Majewski
  • FIGARO: The new horizontal neutron reflectometer at the ILL by R.A. Campbell, H.P. Wacklin, I. Sutton, R. Cubitt and G. Fragneto
  • Reflectometry techniques on the Second Target Station at ISIS: Methods and science by J.R.P. Webster, S. Langridge, R.M. Dalgliesh and T.R. Charlton
  • Design and performance of horizontal-type neutron reflectometer SOFIA at J-PARC/MLF by N.L. Yamada, N. Torikai, K. Mitamura et al.
  • Inelastic scattering measured on a neutron reflectometer by A. R. Wildes
  • Neutron reflectometry by refractive encoding by R. Cubitt and J. Stahn

Guest editor Special Issue EPJE “Biological Physics Near Surfaces/Interfaces”, 2009, 30 (2)

James A. Forrest (Editor) , Department of Physics, University of Waterloo, Ontario, Canada
Giovanna Fragneto (Guest Editor), Institut Laue-Langevin, Grenoble, France
A Challenging Topic
Research on the structure and dynamics of biomolecules at surfaces and interfaces has boosted in recent years. Such work involves efforts from a variety of disciplines including physics.
As a reflection of the growing importance of this area, and especially the application of physical techniques (both experimental and theoretical) EPJ E is composing a special issue on the topic of Biological Physics at Surfaces and Interfaces.

Areas of interest include:

  • Protein adsorption to surfaces (Biomaterials)
  • Effect of surfaces on structure/function
  •  Protein-nanoparticle interactions
  • Cell adhesion/friction
  • Lipid-protein interaction”

Please note:  The copyrights to these publications are held by their publishers.  The pdf files provided here are for personal use, only.  They may not be reposted on any other web site or used for any other purpose without the express permission of the appropriate publishers.

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