ILL publications 2019

Physical Review B

Natural ferroelectric order near ambient temperature in the orthoferrite HoFeO3

Physical Review Materials

Multiferroic properties of melanothallite Cu2OCl2

Physical Review B

Complex magnetic order in the Nd(Tb)Fe3(BO3)4  multiferroic revealed by single-crystal neutron diffraction

Physical Review Materials

Giant magnetic proximity effect in amorphous layered magnets

Journal of Physical Chemistry B

Molecular dynamics and neutron scattering studies of potassium chloride in aqueous solution

Frontiers in Earth Science

Neutron imaging of cadmium sorption and transport in porous rocks

Physical Review B

Phonon dynamics in the layered negative thermal expansion compounds CuxNi2x(CN)4

Physical Review B

Anomalous thermal expansion in one-dimensional transition metal cyanides: Behavior of the trimetallic cyanide Cu1/3Ag1/3Au1/3CN

ACS Applied Energy Materials

Combined operando high resolution SANS and neutron imaging reveals in-situ local water distribution in an operating fuel cell

Physical Review B

Magnetic structure and spin waves in the frustrated ferro-antiferromagnet Pb2VO(PO4)2

Journal of Physical Chemistry B

ß-lactoglobulin adsorption layers at the water/air surface: 3. Neutron reflectometry study on the effect of pH

International Journal of Hydrogen Energy

Neutron scattering study of nickel decorated thermally exfoliated graphite oxide

ACS Materials Letters

A new superionic plastic polymorph of the Na+ conductor Na3PS4

Communications Physics

Unveiling the vortex glass phase in the surface and volume of a type-II superconductor


Invertible micelles based on ion-specific interactions of Sr2+ and Ba2+ with double anionic block copolyelectrolytes

Soft Matter

Neutralisation rate controls the self-assembly of pH-sensitive surfactants

Chemistry of Materials

Brownmillerite-type Sr2ScGaO5 oxide ion conductor: Local structure, phase transition, and dynamics

Physical Review Letters

Direct observation of dynamic tube dilation in entangled polymer blends: A combination of neutron scattering and dielectric techniques

Advanced Materials Interfaces

Block copolymers-based nanoporous thin films with tailored morphology for biomolecules adsorption

Crystal Growth & Design

Ab initio structure determination of La34Mo8O75 using powder X-ray and neutron diffraction data

Chemical Communications

Magnetic frustration in the high-pressure Mn2MnTeO6 (Mn3TeO6-II) double perovskite

Inorganic Chemistry Frontiers

A case of multifunctional intermetallic compounds: negative thermal expansion coupling with magnetocaloric effect in (Gd,Ho)(Co,Fe)2

European Physical Journal A

Improved STEREO simulation with a new gamma ray spectrum of excited gadolinium isotopes using FIFRELIN

Physical Review B

Dipolar spin ice under uniaxial pressure

European Physical Journal A

Measurement of the C13(n,Υ) thermal cross section via neutron irradiation and AMS


Reflectometry reveals accumulation of surfactant impurities at bare oil/water interfaces

Inorganic Chemistry

Structural instability driven by Li/Na competition in Na(Li1/3Ir2/3)O2 cathode material for Li-ion and Na-ion batteries

The Journal of Physical Chemistry Letters

Attractive interaction between fully charged lipid bilayers in a strongly confined geometry

Physical Review B

Suppression of the orbital magnetic moment driven by electronic correlations in Sr4Ru3O10

IEEE Magnetics Letters

Negative thermal expansion in nanostructured intermediate-valence YbAl3

Advanced Materials

Boosting oxygen evolution reaction by creating both metal ion and lattice oxygen active sites in a complex oxid


Transformation pathway upon heating of metastable β titanium alloy Ti-15Mo investigated by neutron diffraction

The Biochemist

Hunting down hydrogen: applying neutron macromolecular crystallography to galectins

Physical Review Letters

Evolution of magnetic order from the localized to the itinerant limit

Physical Review B

Magnetic order in Nd2PdSi3 investigated using neutron scattering and muon spin relaxation

AIChE Journal

Recovery rheology via rheo SANS: Application to step strains under out of equilibrium conditions

Physical Review B

Magnetic structure and excitations of the topological semimetal YbMnBi2

Soft Matter

The first study on the impact of osmolytes in whole cells of high temperature-adapted microorganisms


Moisture-related changes in the nanostructure of woods studied with X-ray and neutron scattering

Physical Review C

Effects of the nuclear structure of fission fragments on the high-energy prompt fission γ-ray spectrum in 235U(nth,f)

European Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences

The pH-dependence of lipid-mediated antimicrobial peptide resistance in a model staphylococcal plasma membrane: A two-for-one mechanism of epithelial defence circumvention

Dalton Transactions

Unprecedented rock-salt ordering of A and B cations in the double perovskite Nd2-xCaxMgTiO6-σ and defect association

Current Opinion in Colloid & Interface Science

Applications of small-angle X-ray scattering/small-angle neutron scattering and cryogenic transmission electron microscopy to understand self-assembly of surfactants

ACS Macro Letters

Dynamic equivalence between soft star polymers and hard spheres

Journal of Alloys and Compounds

Magnetic frustration in partially ordered double perovskites Ln3Ni2RuO9 (Ln = La, Nd)

Journal of Advanced Research

Resolution-elastic neutron scattering by correlation techniques

Inorganic Chemistry

Soft magnetic switching in a FeSr2YCu2O7.85 superconductor with unusually high iron valence

Food Structure

Planar sucrose substrates for investigating interfaces found in molten chocolate

Scientific Reports

Brain lateralization probed by water diffusion at the atomic to micrometric scale

Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences

Epsilon iron as a spin-smectic state

Physical Review Letters

Unique crystal structure of Ca2RuO4 in the current stabilized semimetallic state

Journal of Molecular Liquids

Location of the general anesthetic n-decane in model membranes

Physical Review B

Increased lifetime of metastable skyrmions by controlled doping

Physical Review B

Skyrmions and spirals in MnSi under hydrostatic pressure

Physical Review Letters

Direct observation of anapoles by neutron diffraction

Physical Review Letters

Spin fluctuations in Sr2RuO4 from polarized neutron scattering: Implications for superconductivity

Journal of Physical Chemistry Letters

Nanoscale dynamics and transport in highly ordered low-dimensional water

Physical Review B

Universal critical behavior in the ferromagnetic superconductor Eu(Fe0.75Ru0.25)2As2

Soft Matter

Gelled non-toxic microemulsions: Phase behavior & rheology

Physical Review B

Chemical effect on the structural and dynamical properties in Zr-Ni-Al liquids

Journal of Materials Chemistry A

Local structure and vibrational dynamics of proton conducting Ba2In2O5(H2O)x

Journal of Materials Chemistry A

Swelling of graphene oxide membranes in alcohols: Effects of molecule size and air ageing

Chemistry of Materials

Photocatalytic hydrogen evolution from water using fluorene and dibenzothiophene sulfone-conjugated microporous and linear polymers

Chemistry of Materials

Revealing the reactivity of the iridium trioxide intermediate for the oxygen evolution reaction in acidic media

Chemistry of Materials

Multiferroism induced by spontaneous structural ordering in antiferromagnetic iron perovskites


The role of temperature and lipid charge on intake/uptake of cationic gold nanoparticles into lipid bilayers

Chemical Science

Structural control of polyelectrolyte/microemulsion droplet complexes (PEMECs) with different polyacrylates

Chemical Science

The effect of particle size, morphology and support on the formation of palladium hydride in commercial catalysts


Insight into the self-assembly of water-soluble perylene bisimide derivatives through a combined computational and experimental approach

Journal of Physical Chemistry Letters

The endofullerene HF@C60: Inelastic neutron scattering spectra from quantum simulations and experiment, validity of the selection rule, and symmetry breaking

Physical Review Letters

Lattice dynamics coupled to charge and spin degrees of freedom in the molecular dimer-mott insulator κ-(BEDT-TTF)2Cu[N(CN)2]Cl

Physical Review Letters

Measurement of the weak axial-vector coupling constant in the decay of free neutrons using a pulsed cold neutron beam