College 8

Structure and dynamics of biological systems

College Secretary: GAJDOS Lukas
Mailing list: col08_l(at)

College 8 is concerned with the structure and dynamics of biological systems.

If you are new at the ILL or are about to become an external user and...

  • you would like to join College 8, and/or
  • want to find out more about submitting beamtime proposals for the college 8 subcommittee, and/or 
  • simply would like to find out more about the college's activities,

you will find useful guidelines below. For more information please contact : Olga MATSARSKAIA

The main instruments used for College 8 proposals are the following:

  • Reflectometers: ADAM, D17, FIGARO
  • Quasi-Laue diffractometer: LADI-III
  • Small momentum transfer diffractometer: D16
  • SANS spectrometers: D11, D22, D33
  • Time-of-flight spectrometers: IN4, IN5, IN6, D7, BRISP
  • High-Resolution Backscattering Spectrometers: IN10, IN13, IN16
  • Spin-Echo Spectrometers: IN11, IN15
  • 4-circle diffractometer: D19

College 8 organises regular seminars. Suggestions for speakers are most welcome: please send them to the college Secretary. 

  • 8-01 Macromolecular crystallography
  • 8-02 Biological membranes
  • 8-03 Solution structure of biological macromolecules
  • 8-04 Dynamics of biological macromolecules
  • 8-05 Methodological studies in biology and biophysics 

List of subcommittee 8 members, pdf file (pdf - 3.83 Ki).