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The influence of structure is everywhere; the properties of water and ice, the hardness of metals, the strength of magnets, the biology of DNA or the effect of antibodies on viruses – all depend on structure. Crystallography is studied at the ILL in a broad sense, using both single crystal and powder diffraction. Some structural studies may require small-angle-scattering as well.
Neutron diffraction is ideal for determining the structure of materials containing light atoms such as hydrogen, carbon, nitrogen and oxygen.  We need to understand the structure of materials before we can understand their properties and how they react.

How neutrons help understanding the structure of new materials : Neutrons and new Materials (pdf file, 1.78 Mb)



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A recently published study uses neutron and X-ray scattering to deepen our understanding of freeze-drying protein stabilisation processes, widely used in biopharmaceutical applications. The results obtained for a protein relevant for pharmaceutical…

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A study now published in Nature Communications brings remarkable insights into the enigmatic behaviour of supercritical fluids, a hybrid state of matter occupying a unique space between liquids and gases, and arising in domains ranging from the…

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Using neutron spectroscopy data taken at ILL, researchers achieved a novel understanding of molecular movement at the nanoscale, providing new insights that may impact the design of future materials and technologies. The study has just been published…

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The goal of this study was to complete the mapping of the dynamics of the well-known protein Hsp90 by studying the 5-500 ns timescale using a combination of state-of-the-art complementary techniques, and to take the first steps towards understanding…

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Neutrons throw light on an important manufacturing process in the textile industry.

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