Signature of a Memorandum of Understanding between the ESS and the ILL on neutron research and technology : 20 June 2017

Europe leads the world in neutron science. This is thanks to the excellent network of national and international facilities funded by many different European countries, combined with a broad-based and highly developed user community.

For many decades the ILL has been the world’s most productive neutron source. The unprecedented performances planned for the ESS will make it the world’s leading neutron facility for decades to come.

The ESS and ILL are fully committed to combining their forces in the interests of science, the neutron user community, and their stakeholders. They aim is to reinforce Europe’s leading position in neutron research and technology by optimising the use of the resources available for neutron research. This joint endeavour is being sealed by the signature of a memorandum of understanding on research and development activities on 20 June 2017.

The MoU provides the framework required for enhanced cooperation, particularly in the fields of neutron-scattering instrumentation and beam components. It also addresses strategic issues such as the organisations’ relations with their stakeholders.

Progress in neutron science depends on the continuous development of methods at the frontier of technical possibilities. The experience and technical expertise available at the ESS and the ILL will combine to generate such new capabilities. 

“By signing this memorandum, ILL and ESS commit to work together in developing instrumentation and software for neutron scattering and to support and sustain the European scientific community using neutrons to advance fields from engineering to the life sciences”, says John Womersley, ESS Director General.
“By cooperating for their mutual benefit and optimising the available resources, the ESS and ILL will help maintain Europe’s leading position in neutron science and provide the user community with the state-of-the-art infrastructure they have every right to expect,” says Helmut Schober, ILL Director. 

The ESS and ILL will be presenting their activities on a jointly-operated stand at the International Conference on Neutron Scattering in Daejeon, Korea, in July. 


ILL press office, Françoise Vauquois

ESS press office, Julia Öberg