Searching for traces of dark matter with neutron spin clocks

An international research team has succeeded in significantly narrowing the scope for the existence of dark matter, with the use of a precision experiment developed at the…

Congratulations to Anton Zeilinger for his Nobel Prize in physics!

From 1974 to 1989, Anton worked half-time as a guest scientist at the ILL, performing various experiments to test fundamental predictions of quantum mechanics.

A Quantum Wave in Two Crystals

A team from TU Vienna, INRIM Turin and ILL Grenoble has successfully built the first neutron interferometer from two separate crystals, aligned on nanoradian & picometre scales.

The ILL2023 programme is on track and on budget

Our current shutdown allows us to deliver the major Endurance guide & instrument projects and to replace essential equipment - thanks to a huge commitment from our staff, across…


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