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Internships / Work placements


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+ 33 (0) 4 76 20 71 11

71 avenue des Martyrs
CS 20156
38042 Grenoble cedex 9

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A great chance to see what it's like, from the inside!


Eager to put into practice all you have recently learnt? If you are interested in:

    •    playing a role in the progress of science,

    •    participating in ultra-modern technology projects,

    •    working in an international environment,

in magnificent natural surroundings, we have a range of fascinating projects to offer, in line with your training.

You will be assisted throughout the placement by a personal tutor.


Current opportunitiesHow to applyPractical questions


Current opportunities

Recruitment is on-going for the following vacancies in science, computing, engineering and communication:


We believe ILL has a key role to play in the training of young professionals. Therefore, every year we offer new opportunities for young people to join our teams. By gaining work experience at the ILL you will be boosting the quality of your training in a highly technical international environment.

Whether you're on the technical or administrative side, we are interested in hearing from you!






Engineering / Computer Science

Administration/ Communication




How to apply:

Send your CV and covering letter to the person mentioned in the vacancy, quoting the project reference number (very important).

Click here for advice on improving your application.

If none of the offers matches your profile, you can still send us an unsolicited application specifying clearly the type of experience you are looking for. We will consider what we can and get back to you.

In any event you will receive a reply.




Practical questions

Because developing talents for the future matters to us, we offer trainees a number of benefits.

Trainee allowance

Its amount depends on the length of your placement and your level of qualification.

Working hours

Monday to Friday, from to 8 am to 4.30 pm (with a lunch break). Under ILL’s 35-hour week agreement, you will be entitled to compensatory leave ("RTT") calculated in proportion to your working hours.

Site restaurant

ILL subsidies midday meals. A three-course meal would typically cost you about €2.50.

Travel costs for your move to Grenoble

If you live and study outside the Grenoble area we will reimburse your travel costs at the start and end of your contract.

Works Council

During your training you will enjoy the same benefits as the rest of the ILL staff. You will be entitled to borrow from the book and DVD libraries for example, and from the DIY section of the Works Council... You will also be entitled to cheaper rates for cultural activities and over 30 different sports clubs.


After three months of work you will also be entitled to one day of paid leave per month (in addition to your RTT days).


We can provide you with a list of contacts if you need to find accommodation in the area.