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The global need to transition to a sustainable and clean energy future has brought hydrogen to the forefront as a promising clean energy carrier. Efficient and safe storage is a key challenge and hydrogen storage in activated carbons is a promising…

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An article recently published in Cell Reports reveals how researchers have for the first time directly visualized the position of protons within key functional elements of an enzyme that plays an important role in the metabolism of many…

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Understanding the interactions of biomolecules such as proteins or drugs with the membrane of cells is important in biomedical research and for the pharmaceutical industry. The sensitivity of neutrons to hydrogen atoms make neutron scattering a…

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Magnetic skyrmions are unique magnetic structures. A breakthrough has been achieved through neutron scattering techniques, revealing the presence of hybrid skyrmion phases. Skyrmion-based magnonic crystals offer promising possibilities in signal…

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Courtesy of Alison Oliver (STFC,RAL,ISIS)

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An urgent road trip from Geneva to Grenoble facilitated specialist experiments that could lead to improved cancer treatments.


Courtesy of Professor Patrick Regan / University of Surrey