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What is WinPLOTR?

WinPLOTR is a program to plot powder diffraction patterns. It can be used to plot raw or normalized data files coming from neutron and X-ray diffractometers (conventional or synchrotron radiation) as well as Rietveld files created by the FullProf refinement program. WinPLOTR can also be used as a Graphical User Interface for programs used frequently in powder diffraction data analysis (ex: FullProf,DicVol ...)
or other external programs defined by the user.

WinPLOTR has been developped to run on PC's with a 32-bit Microsoft Windows operating system. WinPLOTR supports Windows 9x/NT/XP. WinPLOTR has been build up with Lahey Fortran 95 compiler, using the Windows facilities of RealWin.



  • Several data file format (neutron, RX, synchrotron, time of flight)
  • Choice of X_space: - 2theta (deg) / Time of flight (microseconds) / Energy (KeV)
    • Q (A-1) = 4pi . sin(Theta) / lambda
    • d(A)
    • - sin(Theta) / lambda (A-1)
  • Graphic options: cursor, zoom ...
  • Plot options:
    • Change colors, markers type and size, styles...
    • Shifts data
    • Hidden parts management
  • Select and save points with the mouse
  • Automatic peak search and fitting
  • Automatic background points search
  • Background substraction
  • Calculation: summation, difference, smoothing, derivative curves
  • Profile fitting procedure
  • FWHM calculation (Caglioti formula)
  • FullProf files (.PRF):
    • (hkl) information (by clicking on reflexions)
    • (hkl) listing
  • Edit .PCR FullProf input files
  • Graphical User Interface for external programs (ex: FullProf, DicVol) and user defined programs
  • Save patterns plots as .WPL files
  • PostScript, HPGL files
  • User guide on line

  • Winplot screenshot #1
  • 3D plot of neutron powder diffraction patterns in the 1.5 - 30 K temperature range, showing the appearance of two magnetic phase transitions (incommensurate and commensurate propagation wave vectors). diffractometer: G41 (LLB) wave=2.426A

  • Winplot screenshot #2
  • Profile fitting with time of flight data
    Diffractometer: HRPD ISIS
    Sample: CeO2

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