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The version 1.0 of the FullProf Studio program is being distributed with the current version of the FULLPROF SUITE. The program FullProf Studio has been developed for visualising crystal and magnetic structures. The program has been written by Laurent Chapon (ISIS, RAL) and it is based in the WCRYSFGL (Laurent Chapon & Juan Rodriguez-Carvajal) and CRYSFML (Juan Rodriguez-Carvajal & Javier Gonzalez-Platas) FORTRAN95 crystallographic libraries. This is the result of an informal collaboration between LLB (Saclay, France) and ISIS (Didcot, UK) in data treatment with the aim of providing useful tools for free to the scientific community using diffraction techniques for structural research.

The program uses the WINTERACTER library (Interactive Software Services Ltd. and OPENGL (

At present the program is being strongly modified in order to incorporate new features.

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