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Available items in Catalogs section: Untitled Document
Name: Description: File size Link:
FullProf Manual Users' Guide of FullProf 1,769,341 Download

Available items in Tutorials section:
Name: Description: File size Link:
Atlanta-doc PDF-docs of a School in Atlanta 2,171,360 Download
ECM-21-Workshop PDF-docs of ECM-21 Workshop 1,055,669 Download
Exercises-dat Data files, FullProf exercises 54,250 Download
Exercises-pcr PCR filese, FullProf exercises 35,608 Download
HoCu_Tutorial Tutorial magnetic structure 1,130,682 Download
KTb3F12_Tutorial Tutorial magnetic structure 501,244 Download
Microstructural_effects Documents about microstructure 544,914 Download
pcr_dat Data and PCR files 824,597 Download
size-sph Notes about size effects 14,298 Download
sr_oxalate Simulated annealing in FullProf 30,958 Download

Available items in Examples section:
Name: Description: File size Link:
FullProf examples A set of PCR examples files to run on FullProf program 546,446 Download

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