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Indexing Programs



What is ITO15?

ITO15 is a program for Automatic Powder Indexing by Zone Indexing developed by Jan Visser and Robin Shirley.

This program tries to find the unit cell from the powder pattern. The principles are described in a paper by Visser in the Journal of Applied Crystallography (1969) 2, 89.

Most of the calculations are carried out in terms of Q-values,these are (100/d)**2, where d is the interplanar distance in Angstroms.

All values in the program are expressed in these Q- Units (QU.), unless indicated otherwise.
FORTRAN i/o unit numbers: The input to the program is on unit 15, the regular output on unit 16 and the images of the input cards are printed on unit 14.

A summary of the results (suitable for Pcs and CRT-terminals with lines shorter than 71 characters) is output to unit 66 (these i/o unit number assignments can be changed within the main program

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