CRG - High intensity two-axis powder diffractometer

Neutron diffraction investigation of the magnetic structures of MnRhAs

The magnetic phase transition in MnRhAs have been investigated on D1B by recording the thermal evolution of the powder diffraction pattern over the whole 80° angular range.

This evolution is plotted as a three-dimensional plot in the next figure, It is clear that there is magnetic phase transition at 162 and 141K. Above 161K, an antiferromagnetic order takes place as shown by the (00½) Bragg peak.

This peak then disappears at lower temperature and more complex magnetic structures takes place as shown by the appearance of many other magnetic Bragg reflection.

Ref.: B. Chenevier, J. Baruchel, M. Bacmann, D. Fruchart, R. Fruchart, Journal of Alloys and Compounds 179, 147-156 (1992).