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The ILL has firmly established itself as a pioneer in neutron science and technology. Neutron beams are used to carry out frontier research in diverse fields.

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Science at ILL


Health is one of the areas in which the scientific and technological impact of neutron technology has high visibility. As modern medicine has progressed in its understanding of the biological mechanisms determining our state of health, it has improved both the life expectancy and quality of life of most of the human population. Modern bioscience research is carried out in both X-ray and neutron large-scale facilities. The general public is relatively familiar with the concept of X-rays, but the use of neutron scattering in the health-related field is not so well known. “Neutron-scatterers” target very specific information and neutron methods play a unique role in the life sciences and medical research.



January 2016: Recent progress in the production of model biological membranes (NMI3)



Therapy developments

Gene delivery

Cholesterol related diseases

Degenerative diseases

Fighting HIV infection

Radioisotopes for cancer therapy

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Advanced drug delivery systems

Self-injectable targeted drugs

New vistas in drug design

Improved anti-fungal drugs


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biological functions




Ozone poisoning


Skin barrier


Orderly folding in ribosomal RNA


Purple membrane






Neutrons and Health: a review of ILL research with applications in medicine