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Science at ILL

College 9 - Structure and dynamics of soft-condensed matter

College Secretary: Ingo Hoffmann
Mailing list coll9int_l(at)

College 9 concerns the structure and dynamics of soft-condensed matter. It is hard to imagine life without polymers, colloids or amphiphiles. Although they are common materials, much research still goes on into their structures and behaviour at the microscopic level. As neutrons are scattered at the atomic cores, they are sensitive to different isotopes. A large difference in scattering contrast e. g. exists between hydrogen and deuterium. Modern chemisty allows or a tailor-made synthesis of soft matter molecules being partially or completely deuterated. Using an appropriate hydrogenated or deuterated solvent or a mixture of the both, contast variation has been proven to be a powerful method to elucidate structures of soft matter on a nanometer scale as well as to observe the subtlest of mechanisms in highly complex substances.

In a recent 'soft split' of the college it was decided that bio-related proposals with keyword 9-13 will be evaluated separately with Philipp Gutfreund as vice secretary. Ingo Hoffmann remains secretary for all aspects of proposals with keywords 9-10, 9-11 and 9-12, and for the organization of seminars.

The main instruments used for College 9 proposals are:

  • Reflectometers: D17, FIGARO, SUPERADAM
  • Small momentum transfer diffractometer: D16
  • SANS spectrometers: D11, D22
  • Diffractometers: D19, D20
  • Time-of-flight spectrometers: IN4, IN5, IN6
  • Diffuse scattering polarization analysis spectrometer: D7
  • High-Resolution Backscattering Spectrometers: IN10, IN13, IN16
  • Spin-Echo Spectrometers: IN11, IN15

If you want to come to the ILL and give a seminar, please apply to Ingo Hoffmann. He can schedule a seminar at the ILL any time (best on Monday and Wednesday). Travel and expenses for your stay may be reimbursed. Do not hesitate to contact him if you are coming for an experiment in Grenoble (ILL, ESRF, EMBL, CEA, CNRS, ...).