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College8 is interested in the structure and dynamics of biological systems. Our understanding of living processes at the molecular level continues to make extraordinary progress, thanks to a battery of complentary techniques of which neutron scattering methods developed at the ILL are a growing component.

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Science at ILL

College 8 - Structure and dynamics of biological systems

College Secretary: Anne Martel
Mailing list col08_l(at)

College 8 is concerned with the structure and dynamics of biological systems.

If you are new at the ILL or are about to become an external user and...

- you would like to join College 8, and/or

- want to find out more about submitting beamtime proposals for the college 8 subcommittee, and/or 

- simply would like to find out more about the college's activities,

you will find useful guidelines in the menus above. For more information please contact the college secretary.



The main instruments used for College 8 proposals are the following:

College 8 organises regular seminars. Suggestions for speakers are most welcome: please send them to the college Secretary.