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Student travel

The ILL hosts around 40 PhD students. The topics of these PhDs cover every possible type of research with neutrons.

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Student travel

Student travel

1. How much?

The Science Division budget for student travel corresponds to approximately 1200 euros per person per year. Of course, demand will fluctuate from year to year for each person, and students are generally more likely to need to travel later in their course when they wish to present their results at international meetings. We will keep an account of what each student is allocated over their course to ensure that everyone is treated equally. Students may also apply to their supervisors (ILL and external) for funding, and in some instances, a special budget ma be allocated by the ILL.

2. How to apply?

Students first need to discuss their travel plans with their supervisors (ILL – and in some cases external supervisor) who will have an opinion on what they will gain from the trip in relation to the time and financial cost. Formally, permission to be away from ILL is granted by the appropriate Instrument Group Leader (IGL), who may consult with the student's supervisor(s) before making a decision. Requests for travel costs will ultimately reach the head of the Science Division (DS) for approval if students are asking for support from the Science Division travel budget. In order to avoid disappointment, and perhaps the loss of an opportunity to buy tickets at a good price, students should signal their intentions to travel to the head of the DS well in advance. It would be wise not to assume that requests can be approved immediately – for instance, it is not always possible to access the internet-based system whilst travelling. Students are therefore asked to send a brief email explaining the reasons for the journey, copied to their ILL supervisor and IGL, at least two weeks before travel, unless the request is in response to a last-minute offer of access to experimental facilities (if another user has cancelled, for example). In such circumstances, proof should be provided of the offer of beamtime, etc by email.

3. What can be applied for?

A very high priority will be given to support experiments away from ILL that are part of the thesis work (subject to budgetary constraints); we would also hope to have sufficient resources to fund at least one science meeting a year. The level of support for travel is set out in the ILL regulations dated 18-02-2009, which can be consulted on the intranet page of the Travel office.

A few points are worth stressing. Like ILL staff, PhD students should make every attempt to use public transport and minimise travel costs where practical. A per diem is offered to cover additional living expenses; the guiding principle is that this covers costs not normally incurred on a daily basis. If someone is performing an experiment at another neutron facility, for example, and it costs them an additional 20 euros/day to use that canteen rather than ours, they should only claim that - there would otherwise be less money to go around and their travel requests may not be regarded in a favourable light in future. In some cases, where budgets are particularly tight, an IGL/supervisor/head of DS may offer a sum to cover living expenses that students should not exceed once they have agreed to go on the mission.