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Monitoring of progress

The ILL hosts around 40 PhD students. The topics of these PhDs cover every possible type of research with neutrons.

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Monitoring of progress

Monitoring of progress

Different universities have different requirements for the monitoring of student progress and these will be respected. In addition, students will have an interview with one of the ILL directors each year to discuss progress and any problems that may have arisen. A brief written record will be made of the key outcomes of this interview and archived with the ILL Human Resources Service. At the end of the second year of experimental work, students should be developing a clear picture of the structure of their theses; they should have identified work remaining to be done and provided their supervisors and the Head of the Science Division with a report on progress.

The duration of the studentship is 3 years; ILL will only fund an extension in very exceptional cases, where it can be proven that the lack of sufficient results can be imputed to the ILL. The decision on this will be taken by the Head of the Science Division and the Head of the Instrument Group in consultation with the student's supervisors. If the ILL is not responsible for the need to extend, and if the student nevertheless needs to perform further experimental work, their external supervisor will have to find funding to finance the extension of the student's contract.