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ILL Graduate School

The ILL hosts around 40 PhD students. The topics of these PhDs cover every possible type of research with neutrons.

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The ILL Graduate School (IGS)

The Institut Laue-Langevin (ILL) acts as host to a body of students, some of whom study for PhD degrees with ILL staff as co-supervisors over a period of years, while others spend a shorter period of time as ‘stagiaires’ (trainees) working on a project. Although the ILL has no authority to award degrees (all PhD students must be registered at a university), it does have responsibilities for the welfare of students and also for the provision of training. The ILL provides training in areas specific to the student's research activity and also more broadly, in science and technology, communication skills, and in the official languages of the ILL. The majority of such training, and also much of the support for the student, is provided by the local ILL supervisor. The ILL’s Administration Division also provides support through the Human Resources Service, which will set up the employment contract and ensure that students get paid and have access to the other benefits ILL staff enjoy. Students are also represented in policy discussions through the Science and Colleges Committee (SCC), which provides an interface between scientists and students on the one hand, and Management and the Scientific Coordination Office on the other. However, a need has also been expressed to establish a framework for organising PhD student activity that is closer to that found in a university. This document outlines such a framework - ‘The ILL Graduate School’ (IGS).

The Graduate School Management Committee (GSMC)

The IGS is run by a management committee (GSMC) which meets every few months and has the following members:
- two student representatives
- the Head of the Science Division
- a scientist from the Science Division with direct experience of supervising students (chair)
- the Scientific Assistant to the Director
- a member of the Human Resources Service

Minutes of the GSMC Meetings

The GSMC meets at least 3 times a year and its recommendations are forwarded to the ILL Management Board by the Head of the Science Division. The minutes of the GSMC meetings are taken by one of the student representatives and, after approval, made available to all ILL staff and students via the intranet; GSMC membership is also posted on the internet.


To download the minutes of the GSMC meetings, please log in using the form on the right.